When it’s a nice sunny day out and you want to go have a nice fetch with a stick with your small dog, say like a 26lb dog, don’t hold on to that stick past the critical point.

For when Fido decides he’s had enough, oh he’s going to get that stick, and he’s going to choose the moment you decide to hold the stick at crotch level. That’s right, my friends, you’ve passed the critical point and that little 26 lb fuzzball of furry is now charging, breaking the sound barrier, launching himself at the last moment at your critical point. It’s all over. You will go down, and he will now be the master of the stick.

Really need to make more posts on here. I’ve been working a lot on mySimpleAds 2.0. I’ve gotten the themes, install, login, forgot password pieces ready. I’ve been pondering for quite sometime on how to handle the analytics piece given only mysql and php to work with and no proper queue system. I have some ideas, but will come back to it and test it after I create the ad and other forms. I’ll also have to come back to here and post more.